Summer and

Winter Camps

These study programs are recommended for children between 7 and 17 years of age. The duration can range from two to eight weeks.

We have winter camps and summer camps. Most of the time they have a language component plus different activities and sports. There are residential camps, staying in university dormitories, where there is strict 24-hour supervision, or Day Camps where the student stays with a host family and travels every day to his or her camp to take classes.




Have the experience of living on a university campus during the course of the summer camp.

Acquire knowledge taught by university professors in the areas of Critical Thinking and Global Citizenship; Global Leadership and Environmental Awareness and Ecology.

In the Residential Camps you will have fun and learning, surrounded by children from different countries and cultures.

In the Day Camps, you will stay with a host family and attend your courses during the week at the assigned campus. You practice the language, get to know the dynamics of the city, the local culture and learn how to use public transportation.

At the end of the course you will receive your Certificate of Completion, many times you will advance so much that when you return to your school you will be able to advance to a higher course or level.
Target ages


Make the most of your summer or winter vacation in a productive yet fun way by getting out of your routine, exploring and making friends from all over the world!


You can choose from two weeks to eight weeks.

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