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or School Trimester

(Elementary, Secondary or High School)hillerato

Estudie Canada has partnership agreements with different schools for your basic level studies. We represent both public and private schools, either boarding school or what is known as Day School.
We have school options in almost every province in Canada. This allows us to find a program destination according to your interests, the climate of your preference and the budget you have allocated for this project.

For children 12 years and older who will not be accompanied by an adult during their stay, the school of your choice in conjunction with Estudie Canada (see testimonials) will provide the appropriate person to act as a guardian during the period of study.




Studying abroad opens up a world of possibilities for children and young people. It is a unique experience that allows the student, in addition to learning about other cultures, to develop invaluable skills of communication, coexistence, adaptation, independence and maturity.

It is an invaluable and unique experience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Year (10 months), semester (5 months) or trimester (3 months).

Elementary, middle school and high school.

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