Diplomas, Bachelors

and Masters Degrees

We offer professional programs, from 6 months to 4 years. You can do a mobile university program, do part of your degree and continue it in your country, or obtain a double degree, when there are agreements between participating institutions.

You can do a technical diploma, learn a trade or do graduate studies related to the university degree you acquired in your country.
Your previous studies, your work experience, as well as your immigration purposes, may be indicative of what graduate or master's level studies are the most appropriate for your needs.




Canada's quality education will add internationally recognized value to your professional career. Whether you wish to develop your career back home or you are seeking permanent residency.

You will also be able to expand your knowledge in your area of expertise or start a new career.


High school or high school completion, or being a "mature" student, is a requirement for a higher education program. As well as an Intermediate-Advanced level of English.

Upon completion you will receive a University Diploma or Degree.

For graduate or masters degree studies, you will be required to submit the academic documents of your university degree.

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At estudie Canada we take care of finding the ideal plan for you.

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