Educational Advising

We help you understand the differences in the academic systems, between your home country and Canada, so that from the time you choose your study program until you complete it, you will get the most out of it and your life project will truly flourish.

Health Insurance

All international students must be covered by health insurance for the duration of their stay. You will be informed about the type of insurance that applies depending on the province and the duration of your studies. Estudie Canada provides you with information and offers you some private insurance options.

Proposals for study options

We carefully analyze your needs, your profile, your short, medium and long term plans, your family, your budget, your available time to complete your project, as well as your level of English. This will give us the information we need to find the best options for you.

Visa and study permit orientation

Through RCIC-regulated migration consultants who collaborate with Estudie Canada you will get the advice you require depending on your nationality, the level of study you wish to pursue and its duration.

Support services for the duration of your studies

Estudie Canada is always available and at hand in case you need support upon arrival and during your adaptation in Canada. Things such as opening bank accounts, obtaining official documents, finding a telephone plan, medical insurance, etc.

Transportation from and to the airport

We help you in hiring a transportation service, either through independent providers, schools, or homestay providers.

Accomodation during your studies

Searching for housing can be a worrying and challenging task for international students in Canada. We will tell you what options there are for you to make the necessary contracts; they include student residencies, homestays, room or apartment rentals. We provide you with information to make your search more effective.

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