Educational advising

There are certain differences between the Canadian education system at the professional level and most Latin American countries. The system of credits, shorter semesters, the possibility of transferring or revalidating subjects, etc., are different from other university systems abroad. The existence of  “College” is also not common in other countries.

Alternate Proposals

According to the student’s own interests, their medium and long term purposes, their budget, the specific time of their personal project, their language skills, among other things, will give us the guideline for the alternatives we will present.


Orientation and visa application

Once you have been accepted into a school in Canada and your program of study is less than 6 months, you should only apply for a temporary resident visa if your citizenship is on the list of countries and territories that require a visa to enter Canada.

If the study program in Canada is longer than 6 months, a study permit must be applied for.

Immigration Canada

Transportation to and from the airport

Each educational institution has its own transportation, reception and return service. Schools and homestay agencies also offer this service.

Estudie Canada occasionally, will provide the shuttle service as a support to our students.


Health Insurance

It is a requirement to have MEDICAL EXPENSES INSURANCE, which can be that of the public system (Medical Service Plan) or private insurance (GuardMe), depending on the length of the stay. These insurances are quoted per day in the case of private insurance or per month in the case of MSP.

The student must be covered from the day he/she arrives until the day he/she leaves for his/her country.


Assistance is provided in finding Homestay or dormitory accommodations when schools or colleges have them. 

Similarly, if the student decides to rent an apartment, we assist him/her in that regard.


General support during stay

Be assured that we will support you in everything related to the acquisition of a cell phone, opening a bank account if required, health insurance coverage, referral to immigration consulting services and everything related to your stay in Canada.


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