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Estudie Canadá (Study Canada) is a Canadian organization that offers comprehensive consulting services for educational and immigration purposes in Canada.
Free consultation in your language.
The best tuition fees in educational institutions.
Full guidance from your country of origin.
Fully customized schedules and plans.

Come to Canada
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Contact us for a consultation.
Share your plans
Tell us about your study plans, time, budget, interests, medium and long term goals.
We work on a plan for you
We will present you with several options according to your objectives.
4. Choose your plan
Once you have decided which program to study, we will guide you through the process to achieve a successful application.
Apply for and receive your acceptance letter
The school issues an offer letter once you are accepted into the program, the corresponding payment is made, and the institution provides the letter of acceptance (LOA) as well as the provincial certificate (PAL), when required. You are then ready to apply for your study permit!
Note: The whole process goes hand in hand with us, do not skip any step.
We suggest using the services of an immigration consultant so that your visa or study permit has a better chance of approval.

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My experience during the summer I spent in Canada was fantastic because I met many people who touched my life and helped me grow. Estudie Canada helped me to understand what the program was about, where I would stay, how I would spend my time and my advisor motivated me to enroll in this course.
Manuel Altair Gutiérrez Rodríguez
I am currently living as a student in Canada, specifically in the city of Vancouver. Mrs. Laura explained the possibility of studying through an academic program, without the need to have taken an English placement test, since there were colleges that offered specific courses for this purpose. The best part is that all this advice did not cost us anything, so I recommend it 100%.
Having my children study in Canada was a great challenge, but in the end the growth in their maturity and their understanding of a new language has made it much easier for them to go through school and university. They made very nice friendships with classmates from various parts of the world and they keep in touch and make plans to see each other again in the near future.
Luis y Ana Maciel
From the beginning, the Estudie Canada clearly informed me about the process and guided me through it. At the time of travel they made sure that I arrived safely and that the people who would be hosting me were ready. I am very grateful.
Lilian Cinseros
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