Being able to communicate in another language or languages opens doors on a personal and professional level.
Estudie Canada offers you the opportunity to learn and perfect your English in different locations with diverse benefits in the countries where these programs are offered.

We represent most of the English language schools in Vancouver, and others in the rest of Canada and some in the USA, Ireland, England, Malta, Australia and New Zealand. Giving you options of location and duration according to your specific needs and budget.




This is ideal for anyone who wishes to acquire or improve their language skills, regardless of age, level of education, professional or academic life.

It allows you to learn about other cultures, expand your work possibilities, improve your communication skills, as well as enjoy time away from home fully immersed in the English language.


English courses can be of any length, from 1 week, 12 or 24 weeks, or really as long as it takes to achieve your goal.

Are you interested?

Write us and we will be happy to assist you.

At estudie Canada we take care of finding the ideal plan for you.

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